Africa Trip

Experience for yourself the wonder and beauty of Ghana’s arts, culture and people!

Travel Leader/Director Maputo Mensah, master drummer/dancer and native of Ghana, will escort you throughout the journey to ensure your enjoyment and safety. Assistant Travel Director Doe Mensah, professional master drummer; Simon Amissah Annoh, experienced language teacher; and guest lecturer Mustafa Tetty Addy, of international musical acclaim, complete the travel team.

Enjoy drumming and dancing classes every day you are not traveling, with special instruction by Maputo Mensah once each week. Lessons in Ga are also taught daily. We are also offering a special, three-day intensive workshop for you to learn about the use and healing properties of the natural herbs found in Ghana.

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Testimonials For The Africa Trip

I hadn’t really done much African dancing before I went to Ghana, but now I have learned it’s one of the best ways to relax and feel your body and have a really good time. I now have a drum and am taking African drumming and dancing classes, which I never would have even thought of before. Thank you to all of those people who made this experience possible, because I am a new person now.

Boulder High School student

“All of the teachers were absolutely incredible, and I feel so lucky to have been in their presence. The Ga language lessons were great and the teacher was amazing.”

University of Colorado student

Our daughter Galen went on the summer trip to Ghana and had one of the most amazing experiences of her life. Before the trip we questioned Maputo and Mawue quite extensively about safety and security. They described the system where the whole village of Kokrobite watches carefully that their American guests are kept safe. If someone sneaks out at night, Maputo will know about it very quickly from someone
in the town. We felt confident that our daughter would be safe and protected – and this was very much the case. She had a wonderful time and made some life-long friends. We definitely recommend this trip to others.

Paul & Kerry Temple-Wood
Boulder, CO

This trip is a great escape from the stresses of everyday life. In addition to being surrounded by talented musicians and dancers, you will find more to love about Ghanaian culture. You don’t need a reason to start a conversation with someone in Ghana. Even the friendly smiles of strangers made me feel welcome. With these experiences, I returned home relaxed and full of joy. This type of travel makes you think about what is really important.

Kim Parfitt
Evergreen Elementary School teacher, Boulder. CO

When I initially signed up for the trip to Ghana, I knew there would be a lot of dancing but had little idea of what else to expect. I ended up leaving Ghana with a greater appreciation and understanding of what it truly means to be a global citizen. The trip to Ghana changed the way I look at the world, society, and all of the different cultures that surround us. Rather than just visiting as a tourist, the trip is set up in a way that allows you to immerse yourself within Ghanaian culture through
dancing, singing, drumming, and learning the Ga language. The people are welcoming and make you feel comfortable, at home, and challenge you to dive deeper into learning more about the local culture and music. Participating in celebrations in the city of Accra and visiting the slave castle in Cape Coast were moments so moving that they are difficult to put into words. These moments provide the opportunity for you to open yourself entirely to another culture while challenging your personal global perspective. Ghana is a country that is rich with community and tradition. The leaders of this trip did a wonderful job teaching the unspoken aspects of the culture that I otherwise might have missed had I been traveling alone. The coast is gorgeous and the food is among the best I’ve ever tried. I cannot wait to visit again. Throughout the trip, Maputo and Mawuenyega shared their vision of opening a cultural center in Kokrobite, Ghana, to pass on the traditional music and dance that they grew up with to younger generations. The cultural center will provide local children and young adults a place to learn these traditional arts so they will not be forgotten. With the much appreciated and continuously needed support of donations, this cultural center is transforming every day from a vision to a reality. The town is in need of this center and there are no two more capable of providing this experience than the Mensah brothers.

Kayla Weston
University of Colorado student

I first met Mawue Mensah at his drum class at Naropa University and was instantly hooked. For the next four months I followed Mawue around and jumped at every opportunity to learn from him and play traditional African music.He eventually caught on that I had a serious desire to learn more and he invited me to play bell for the Mensah’s brother’s drum and dance ensemble Logo Ligi. From then on
I found myself drumming daily and working extensively with Mawue and Logo Ligi. I knew that to take things to the next level I had to immerse myself in the culture and intensive practice. So I arranged to accompany the Mensahs on their Spicy Juicy Ghana Adventure Traveling to Ghana with Mawue and Maputo was a phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime experience. The opportunity to travel to Kokrobite, Ghana, and be with locals was invaluable. Maputo and Mawue made us feel comfortable while allowing us to explore the local culture and lifestyle to our heart’s content. The daily drumming and dancing lessons were exceptional. Our instructors were spectacular, modest teachers whose love of African culture penetrated my heart and soul and opened the door to a lifetime pursuit of these ancient and mystical arts. Ghana is a free country with so much to offer your spirit and heart. Traveling between Accra and Cape Coast transformed the way I approach my own life and interact with other human beings. I learned most importantly of the reverence for life and not to take things for granted. I am humbled and honored to have traveled to Ghana with Maputo and Mawue and I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who is interested in traveling to Ghana, West Africa, seriously consider the Spicy Juicy Ghana Adventure.

Michael Aiello
Naropa University

I had the time of my life on the Ghana trip. When I signed up for the trip, I thought it would be a one-time trip and a good experience. But after a month, I didn’t want to leave and now I can’t wait to get back. I made lifetime friends both from the United States and from Ghana. When in Kokrobite, I always felt welcome and soon after arriving felt like part of the community. I always felt safe when in Ghana. The story that epitomizes this feeling came the first day we spent in Kokrobite. My friends and I were walking up a hill near our hotel and a police car was coming down it. When we got motioned over by the cops, we were worried that we had done something wrong so soon after arriving. But they just wanted to introduce themselves to us and find out why we were visiting Ghana. The dance classes were a lot of work and always made me sweat, but I always had a smile on my face. The people of Kokrobite would come and watch our dance classes and were happy that we were trying to dance, no matter how good we actually looked. The most rewarding day of the trip came when we visited two schools with some school supplies. Though we didn’t have much to give them, the students were ecstatic over the items that we did bring; one of the schools even danced for us in thanks…and then we danced for them. One of the most unique experiences of the trip came when we traveled into Accra for Eid, the celebration at
the end of Ramadan. On this day, our group ended up being the only non-African people in the crowd. Though we were the minority, we felt extremely welcome (including getting interviewed twice for television) and were dancing in the streets with the other people in Accra. This trip was an amazing life-changing experience. I would go back in an instant, and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Jackson Smith
University of Colorado student

Our son Lael’s profound experiences in Ghana this summer were more than inspiring and culturally enriching. They were truly transformational, thanks to the exceptional Travel Leader/Director Maputo Mensah, master drummer/dancer and storyteller, who introduced his native Ghana to a group of diverse students and teachers from the University of Colorado Boulder. We are always concerned with our children’s whole development as human beings and world citizens. Consequently, we are constantly searching for great programs and projects that can enrich our children’s lives by broadening their horizons and tapping their creative potential. This summer adventure was simply outstanding! Maputo’s exceptional storytelling skills and mastery of drumming would easily engage the likes of Nobel Prize physicist Richard Feynman, who transformed his passion for drumming and music into applied knowledge that changed our world. Feynman’s novel approach to scientific inquiry — inspired by arts-based learning — provided a deeper understanding and demonstration of how the arts help advance science, technology, and civil society through their essential contributions. Lael and his fellow adventurers in Ghana were treated to similarly rich opportunities for discovery and self-learning.We enthusiastically recommend this wonderful West Africa Arts & Culture experience to any inquisitive individual who welcomes a wealth of artistic and cultural inspirations that can — and do — transform your life.

Todd Siler, Ph.D.
ArtScience Publications